Reid and McNabb: On the Same Page

Reid and McNabb: On the Same Page
January 27, 2005, 6:57 am
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Pretty good article from FoxSports which talks about a lot of aspects of next Sunday's game.  But it starts off with the focus on the relationship between Super 5 and Big Red.  The Pats will face the best QB they have seen all season, including Peyton, because they knew where Peyton would be every single play. 

If you are wondering about T.O., nothing new really, but Bill Lyon thinks there is no way Owen's misses the big one.  More thoughts on Terrell Owens from ESPN Page2.

Also a video for you, watch the newest Eagle Jeff Thomason talk about going from construction work to the Superbowl on Fox's BDSS. (windows media)

Link: - NFL Playoffs- Reid, McNabb form special bond.

"I haven't been a McNabb man, but I am now," says ESPN analyst Randy Mueller, the former Saints general manager. "He has made more strides this year than any player in the league. He's always been athletic, but now he is an accurate passer, too. He will be the best quarterback New England has faced this year. I know they played Manning, but they knew where Manning was going to be every play. With McNabb and the way he can move around, they'll never know with him. That fear of the unknown is always there."

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