Remember These Guys?

Remember These Guys?
December 9, 2008, 9:19 am
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The Eagles return to action on Sunday, and they'll go to battle with two familiar faces.  Donovan will be wearing extra protection around his ribs, while Westbrook is expected to be completely uninhibited.  It might be fair to say McCoy will start sharing more of the load though.

As for their opponent, the winless Tampa Bay Bucs, Ray Diddy has the word on them after the break.

The Buccaneer team that comes into the Linc on Sunday will look a lot
like the Kansas City team that just left. It is a team that doesn’t do
anything well. The offense is lousy, the defense can’t get off the
field and the special teams aren’t very special. Like the Chiefs, the
Bucs fired their offensive coordinator (Jeff Jagodzinski) the week
before the league opener, a sure sign that things were in disarray.

That just about says it all.  If you need a number to break down how awful the Bucs really are, consider this: through four games, they've scored 54 points (12.5 ppg) to their opponents' 107.  Unless they slip some Ambien into the Eagles Gatorade supply, Sunday's result figures to be more of the same.

Meanwhile... Kevin Kolb returns to the bench after winning NFC Player of the Week honors for his 327 yard performance against the Chiefs.  We consulted the McNabb-O-Meter for some drama, and the answer was surprising:

No change.  Kolb was impressive, but against a bad team with no playmakers.  We didn't really learn anything that wasn't already revealed the week before, except this time he picked up the W.  The meter expects to swing – one way or the other – based on Donovan's play against the Bucs and as the season progresses.  Those rib injuries can linger, and we've seen McNabb battle through injuries with some less than stellar outings in the past.

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