Report: Brian Westbrook 'Very Close' to Retiring

Report: Brian Westbrook 'Very Close' to Retiring
January 17, 2010, 9:13 pm
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It's not exactly a shocking revelation, but that doesn't make it any easier to hear. According to 610 WIP's Howard Eskin, Brian Westbrook's knee could keep him from ever playing another down in the NFL. Eskin's sources say Westbrook's knee is so bad that he likely wouldn't even pass a physical for a team in 2010. And here we all thought it was the concussions that were limiting his play down the stretch.

Westbrook has one year left on his contract with the Eagles at $7.5 million but his injury status coupled with the emergence of LeSean McCoy makes it unlikely he'd return at that number. Some have speculated about 36 taking a pay cut and having to fight for a roster spot next summer. That just seems so wrong when talking about a guy like Brian Westbrook, but if there's an organization who has proven time and time again that the NFL is a business, it's the Eagles.

The Birds realize they'll need more depth and brought in a few backs last week for a workout including DeDe Dorsey and Dwayne Wright.

Eskin says Westbrook will meet with doctors in the coming weeks
to get multiple opinions and that his retirement is far from a sure

With Donovan McNabb's future uncertain and a certain other Brian departing last offseason, the face of this franchise could be incredibly different in 2010. While this regime has never achieved the goal of a parade down Broad Street, they certainly have provided us with a winning era.

It'll be tough for Birds fans when 36 West hangs it up.

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