Report: Terrell Owens Attempted Suicide

Report: Terrell Owens Attempted Suicide
September 27, 2006, 5:41 am
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Wow.  Deadspin has a post up reporting that Terrell Owens' trip to the hospital last night was a result of a suicide attempt.

Maybe I should take that graphic over there on the right down.  As much as I've bashed T.O. for being an ego maniac, shit like this isn't even funny.

Update: More from

The rescue worker "noticed that (his) prescription pain medication
was empty and observed (Owens) putting two pills in his mouth," the
police report said.

The worker attempted to pry them out with
her fingers, then was told by Owens that before this incident he'd
taken only five of the 40 pain pills in the bottle he'd emptied. The
worker then asked Owens "if he was attempting to harm himself, at which
time (he) stated, 'Yes."'

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