Reports: Nobody Wants Vick, But Some Interest in McNabb or Kolb

Reports: Nobody Wants Vick, But Some Interest in McNabb or Kolb
March 10, 2010, 7:39 am
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The most interesting aspect of the reports from ESPN's Sal Pal that the Rams and Bills "no longer" have interest in Michael Vick is not that teams don't want Vick, it's that somebody found a photo of Mike Vick with a nun.

Yahoo!'s MJD nails it:

"I guess that's an indication that they did want him before, and what
might have changed between then and now to dissuade them, I couldn't tell you.
Maybe they felt like the
Ed Block Courage Award
for bravery and strength in the endeavor of
refraining from dog murder (note: that may not be the official name of the
award) was going to his head."

Sal Pal also seems to hint that Pete Carroll may not be satisfied with Matt Hasselbeck running the offense up in Seattle and has expressed interest in either Kevin Kolb or Donovan McNabb.

At this point, I almost don't even care which direction the Eagles go at quarterback, I just want them to get rid of somebody. Either keep McNabb and make a run this year or get rid of him and get younger. Just don't waste our time with three quarterbacks.

How about a little caption contest with that bad boy up there?

Nun: "It's okay, Michael, I've seen All Dogs Go to Heaven over a dozen times."

>>Report: No one wants Vick, but Seahawks want McNabb or Kolb. [Yahoo!]

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