Return of the Bullies

Return of the Bullies
December 11, 2006, 4:45 am
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I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that many of you didn't stay up to watch the Flyers take on the Canucks in Vancouver last night. After a few Belgians and a double IPA, I didn't either. But man, I wish I had. The Flyers put a hurtin on the Canucks, in more ways than one. First, they put up 8 goals, which is impressive even in today's NHL. Second, the team will once again be all over the national sports news for their rough play, after  Jesse Boulerice threw a nasty crosscheck to face of Ryan Kesler in garbage time.

We had a nice debate here regarding whether Steve Downie's hit was dirty or not, and about the severity of his suspension. I doubt we'll hear much in defense of  Boulerice. It was plain as day dirty, and seemingly for no good reason, at a time when the game was well in hand. You can bet he'll be suspended for a long time, maybe 25 games. The league office, as well as its fans, don't like to see players collapse to the ice and lay motionless like the bobsledder from linerider, no matter how bloodthirsty we may seem. Boulerice and head coach John Stevens acknowledged the dirtiness and stupidity of the play, which overshadowed an otherwise outstanding showing.

Mike Richards had 2 goals, including the 8th tally, when the Flyers were down 2 men, adding 2 assists as well. Danny Briere continued his hot start with a goal and 2 gorgeous assists. It'd be great if that were all we had to focus on from the game. Youtube of the hit and highlights of the goals after the jump.


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