Rocky @ Art Museum Yesterday

Rocky @ Art Museum Yesterday
February 12, 2006, 9:35 am
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From Yahoo news: "A man identified as Sylvester Stallone, left, prepares to film a scene
for the movie 'Rocky Balboa,' during a snow storm, on the steps of the
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006, in Philadelphia.
(AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek)"

My understanding is that on Friday, fans were filmed running up the steps and doing the Rocky shadow box.  Suposedly, this footage of fans will be shown during the credits of Rocky Balboa.  This picture from Yahoo News has to be from yesterday because it wasn't snowing in Philadelphia on Friday.  I'm assuming this snowy footage of Rocky will actually be used in the movie, not just the credits.

From yesterday's Inqy:

Hundreds of Philadelphians came to the "Rocky steps" at the
Philadelphia Museum of Art Friday hoping for maybe five seconds of fame.

Sal Cavaliere, 23, of Upper Darby, ran the steps in his T-shirt with
Rocky and the American flag on the front. "I've been trying to get in
this movie," he said. "We went down to the set like eight times. This
is my last chance. I love Rocky. He represents all of us. He followed
his dream."

Sylvester Stallone decided that as the final credits roll in his sixth Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa,
he should show real Philadelphians - as many as 100, in rapid-fire
fashion - dancing and punching thin air at the top of the museum steps.

It's something Rocky fans have been doing on the steps now for 30 years, just as Stallone did in the original Rocky.

Wondering what the phenomenally named turtles Cuff an Link have been up to for the past 30 years?


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