Roy Halladay is Perfect

Roy Halladay is Perfect
May 29, 2010, 5:26 pm
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Roy Halladay just threw the 20th perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball. 27 Florida Marlins came up to bat on Saturday night and 27 Florida Marlins were sent back to the dugout. A truly perfect outing by Doc.

It was the second perfect game in franchise history joining Jim Bunning's magical day on Father's Day in 1964.

Before he ever pitched a game for the Phillies this season, Philadelphia fans knew that Roy Halladay, now pitching in the National League, would have plenty of chances to do historic things. Beat writers in the press box made jokes about Roy not allowing a hit against the Pirates a few weeks back before that game ever even started. Unfortunately, that game didn't turn out quite as well, but it was more a sign of how confident people are in Roy Halladay and just how good he really is when he's on.

Against the Florida Marlins tonight, Roy Halladay was perfect.

Perhaps the only unfortunate aspect of Roy's perfection tonight was the fact that his performance was fighting for eyeballs against game one of the Flyers' Stanley Cup Finals battle with the Chicago Blackhawks.

Typically when Roy's on the mound, every single Phillies fan in the nation is tuned in to watch the man do his magic. Unfortunately tonight, many of us didn't get to witness the entire nine innings of perfection.

Much more will be written about Halladay's historic outing, but props must be given to third baseman Juan Castro who made tremendous defensive plays in the eighth and ninth innings to keep this one perfect. And, of course, Chooch. Carlos Ruiz deserves mucho ice cream for his wonderfully called game this evening.

"It was awesome. I don't know what else to say." -Roy Halladay on his perfect game.

You said it all, Roy.



Halladay smiles via our friend Dana Stro.

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