Roy Williams Will Not Have You Mistaking Him for TO, Thank You

Roy Williams Will Not Have You Mistaking Him for TO, Thank You
January 6, 2009, 3:01 am
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I don't know what it is about sports that makes us enjoy the valleys of our rivals almost as much as our own teams' peaks. I believe the Germans call it schadenfreude, and try as I might (not really) to be above it, I can't help but get a laugh when a Cowboys star tries to detonate his cresting team. 

Kulp mentioned yesterday that Roy Williams, the "stud" receiver the Cowboys spent a huge haul of draft picks on, then a huge haul of money to lock up, wasn't happy with anyone thinking he's a number 2. Most of us thought he was lower than that on their depth chart this year (literally fourth in receiving production), but he'll have none of that. He also showed no amount of veteran leadership in his comments about Miles Austin's success and both receivers' chemistry with Tony Romo. Now, in order to clarify his statement, he did what most foot-in-mouthers do, he indicated the comments were taken out of context, and then threw someone else's name into the mix—Terrell Owens, in this case. Didn't I tell you this was fun?

"I'm not a T.O.," Williams said. "I'm not trying to be a T.O. I'm happy to win. I've said that a hundred times. I don't understand why people don't just say OK."  

Why would he go after TO like that? Could it be because Owens name-dropped Williams just last week?

"I have been looking at my stats compared to Roy E. Williams' stats over there with the Cowboys and my goal is to have better stats than him by the end of the season," Owens said Wednesday. "I am looking forward to it. I can feel the momentum on this team."

Yes, if you're going to reach for the stars as a #1 WR, you should set your sites on Roy Williams, who is on pace for a little better than 30 catches and 4 TDs this season. Things have gotten bad in Buffalo, and now, you can be sure a reporter will be reading Williams' comments about "not being a TO" at Owens' next press opportunity. 

We haven't reached full-on cat fight status yet, but who knows what'll come next. Speaking of which... 

Video via Deadspin

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