Jamie Moyer could be next Phillies TV color analyst

Jamie Moyer could be next Phillies TV color analyst
January 23, 2014, 11:30 am
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I still can’t get used to the fact that Wheels and Sarge are no longer part of Philadelphia Phillies broadcasts, but maybe that’s because their positions have yet to be filled. Rumors and speculation have pinpointed several potential candidates to take over, but no replacement yet.

Add another name to the pile. According to Phils legend Matt Stairs, Jamie Moyer is not merely in the running for the job—he’s actually interviewing. Stairs was on 94WIP on Thursday morning to promote his upcoming appearance at Wing Bowl when he let the beans spill on Moyer possibly applying for the vacancy.

One of the key words Stairs used is he “heard” Moyer is interviewing, so take that for whatever it’s worth. Where did he hear that? From whom?

Through some quality Twitter reporting though, CBS did discover Moyer was in Philadelphia this week. Wonder what could’ve brought him to town.

If true, Moyer would seemingly make a great color analyst. Who else is available and can impart 25 years of big league experience to an audience? (Hint: answer is no one.)

More as we hear it on this development.

UPDATE: Moyer definitely interviewed. From Todd Zolecki:

Multiple sources said the top candidates are: Moyer, who has worked as an analyst with ESPN; Mitch Williams, who works at MLB Network and has partnered in the booth with McCarthy at FOX; Mickey Morandini, who is a coach with Triple-A Lehigh Valley and has performed postgame analysis with the Cubs; and Kevin Stocker, who receives glowing reviews for his work with the Pac-12 and CBS Sports networks. Some are giving Moyer and Williams an edge.

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