Rumors Are Fun

Rumors Are Fun
February 1, 2005, 5:35 am
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The New York Post has been called one of the worst rags of a newspaper ever written, but hey, Manny to the Phillies is fun to think about:

December 1, 2005 --

The Mets wounded the Phillies by acquiring Billy
Wagner, Philadelphia's former closer. But the Phillies have set their
sights on a player the Mets have coveted: Manny Ramirez.

Philadelphia and Boston have engaged in serious talks about swapping Ramirez for Bobby Abreu, The Post has learned.

Abreu was shopped by new Philly GM Pat Gillick during the GM
meetings in early November. Ramirez's unhappiness in Boston has been
evident for months, if not years, and culminated with his apartment in
the Residence at the Ritz-Carlton going on the market Tuesday for $6.9

FWIW, it has also been reported that Tim Kurkjian said on ESPN this morning Manny is definitely going to be dealt before spring training to either the Phils, Mets, or Angels.

To squash all of this talk from ESPN Insider:

anny-for-Abreu 'highly unlikely'

Dec 1
-'s Jayson Stark reports that a swap of Bobby Abreu for Manny
Ramirez is "highly unlikely," according to a baseball official who has
spoken with both clubs.

The deal was proposed by the Red Sox but quickly shot down, the
official said, for several reasons. The primary reason is that the
Phillies have been telling teams they are only interested in trading
Abreu for top-of-the-rotation starting pitching. The second is that
there is a major money imbalance. Ramirez has $57 million coming over
the next three years. Abreu has two years, $30 million left on his
deal. Both players can veto any trades.

The only way this trade could happen, then, is if the Red Sox were
interested in trading a starting pitcher along with Ramirez, AND
evening out all the money.

Meanwhile, Ramirez officially has put his $6.9 million condominium in
Boston on the market, the Boston Globe reports. Ramirez wants to be
traded, and his wish is to play for the Angels or the Mariners, the
Boston Herald reports.

Teammate David Ortiz thinks Ramirez won't be in left field for
the Red Sox come Opening Day. "Manny is not returning to Boston," Ortiz
said recently. "Manny lives a difficult situation that only he and his
family know about, and he does not want to play there."

More debunking of the Manny rumors via via

I did hear from my friend who lives in Southie, that he talked to the door man at the Purple Shamrock who knows Manny's best friends limo driver, and he said it was a FACT that Manny will be dealt to the Phillies for Bobby Abreu and Cole Hammels for Manny and Schilling.  They may also throw in Pedro's midget, who was rumored to have been locked in Manny's apartment for two years.

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