Running Hot Into All Star Break, Sixers Host Memphis Grizzlies

Running Hot Into All Star Break, Sixers Host Memphis Grizzlies
February 11, 2009, 1:27 pm
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On Monday, the Sixers caused Steve Nash, one of the game's greatest guards in the twilight of his career, to have one of his worst games all season. Tonight, they'll face one of the brightest young guards in Memphis' O.J. Mayo who is leading all rookies with 19.4 ppg.

It'll be the Sixers final game before the All Star break. They've won three straight and finishing off with another win could be a boon for this young squad. Thaddeus Young will be the only player active this weekend when he'll play in the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge.

Tony DiLeo thinks this may be Andre Iguodala's final All Star break off for a while, "I told Andre to enjoy this break, because this will be [his] last
break at All-Star weekend. I firmly believe it. He didn't have a great start and maybe the team didn't have a great
start, but if he and the team continue to play like this going into
next year, he has to be an All-Star."

I'm not as sold. The shooting guard/small forward positions in the East is always super competitive and has some of the games best players. I'd love to see Andre continue to get better, but an All Star nod seems like a stretch unless this team really turns into a dominant team in the East. Kind of like how Mo Williams got the nod due to the Cavs success. And he barely got the nod.

The Griz will be without Rudy Gay who has also dropped out of the dunk contest this weekend to make room for Nuggets jumpman J.R. Smith.

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