Ryan Howard is Topps

Ryan Howard is Topps
January 5, 2007, 6:01 am
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The reigning NL MVP has signed a new deal.  No, it's not a new long term contract with the Phillies, but rather an exclusive contract with Topps baseball cards.

The deal grants New York City-based Topps exclusive rights within
the MLB baseball card category for autographed baseball cards,
game-used memorabilia cards and Howard’s image use on packaging and

Howard will be featured on boxes of 2007 Topps Baseball Series 1,
which is available in stores nationwide the second week of February.
Howard’s 58-Home Run MVP season will also be commemorated with a
special set in 2007 Topps Baseball.

Since Ryan currently doesn't have an agent, when asked what kind of deal he signed he responded, "I just wanted some free 14 year old bubble gum out of the deal."  Sorry, bad, horrible joke.

>>Topps signs NL MVP Ryan Howard to exclusive contract [American Chronicle]

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