Schilling's Just Not That Into Us

Schilling's Just Not That Into Us
January 6, 2007, 4:04 am
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News from the Boston Herald and Curt Schilling's 38 Pitches blog indicate it's likely that Schill and Shonda will stay in Boston another year, erasing the #1 item on the Phillies' 2008 free agent wish list. I think we all saw this coming, but a look at the rest of the FA class this year shows there really aren't that many fish in the sea, and we've been passed over once again for a more attractive option (at least according to Yahoo!).

The good news is, maybe by spending this $13 million on Curt, the Red Sox won't have enough to pursue World Series MVP Mike Lowell. What? They're a big market team but don't have an artificial unknown salary cap in place in the hopes that the league might one day impose such a spending limit and justify their miserly ways? They spend whatever it takes to build a team that not even the God Squad can take a game from? Odd, that.

So thanks, Curt. Your fleeting glance made us feel attractive—wanted—just long enough to crush our hopes and send us to the winter meetings.

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