Schil's Swan Song in Beantown?

Schil's Swan Song in Beantown?
December 20, 2006, 5:58 am
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I don't like the Red Sox but certainly find them intriguing.  Tonight they face elimination in game 6 of the ALCS at Fenway Park.  None other than Curt Schilling will be taking the mound.  That's a game worth watching.  For all the crap people give Schil, it's quotes like this that make you want to watch him.

"I'm scared to death to go out and fail.  I'm
terrified of letting my teammates down and the fan base down and this
organization down, because they're counting on me to survive, and to
get past another day.  I'm scared to death to not do well. But I'm also very cognizant of the
fact that fear is something that has always driven me and always pushed
me.  I know how good I can be, and if I can make myself the best I can possibly be, then we have a real good chance to win."

For some reason I can't quite picture Jose Mesa or Adam Eaton having that kind of attitude.

>>Game 6: Red Sox vs. Indians [Sporting News]

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