Scott Hartnell Be Stylin.

Scott Hartnell Be Stylin.
April 24, 2008, 8:14 am
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The Flyers Scott Hartnell has shed his trademark curls, at least for a day, after he and Joffrey Lupul took a fresh break and hit up a stylist before heading to Montreal. We've heard of playoff beards, but this is a little different.

At least they don't have as many mullets in hockey these days, and one can only imagine what a couple of young players will be doing while on the road in Montreal. Two things struck me as funny in this video: 1) Hartnell refers to his hair as a "She" twice, and 2) how tough must it be to shoot footage of Marty Biron? He kept looking in all directions, like he was worried about the guy behind the net. All goalies are completely insane.

The Flyers and Canadiens face off in game 1 tonight... More on this later.

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