Scottie Upshall Dealt for Forward Daniel Carcillo (Wait, what?)

Scottie Upshall Dealt for Forward Daniel Carcillo (Wait, what?)
March 4, 2009, 10:03 am
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With the deadline looming, the Flyers have finally traded Scottie Upshall, who has long been rumored to be on the move. Upshall is headed to Phoenix along with a second-round pick in exchange for forward Daniel Carcillo.

We're still trying to figure this one out. We'd hoped if Upshall or Lupul were dealt, it would be for defense help/depth, not a low-line forward known for taking too many penalties. Carcillo is the NHL leader in PIM, and the Flyers' biggest current weakness is spending too much time in the box. I hope we're all collectively missing the silver lining, but I imagine this deal boils down to straight cash—whether it's for cap cushioning or another deal... we don't know...

Every IM I've gotten is asking me to explain it. The only answer that comes to mind is that Carcillo is listed at $850k, about $300k-$400k less than what Upshall made, and Upshall goes RFA next season, set for at least a modest raise. If money was indeed the issue, I'd guess the Flyers had been trying to move Lupul, who is set to make a lot more than Upshall and can also be replaced by Claude Giroux or Danny Briere on the second line.

At least Scottie had a great last game as a Flyer.

Question: What does this mean for Riley Cote? If he can be waived now, his salary would come off the books too (another $525k per year). Fans frustrated with Rockin Riles' fighting styles may have just gotten their wish. No word from the Flyers on Riley, just speculating as to their reasoning for the Upshall deal.

Elsewhere: Rangers get Derek Morris and Nik Antropov.

More to come...It may be 3PM, but that doesn't mean the deals are all done and announced. Still an outside chance there was an immediate reason to dump salary today...

Eklund and Panaccio reporting another Flyers deal may be coming. Wait, has anyone seen them in the same place at the same time?

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