See You Opening Day

See You Opening Day
February 21, 2006, 5:00 am
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I'm sure some of you sabermetricians out there already know, but for the rest of you, you can buy me a beer or a dollar dog to thank me later.  I know what you all were thinking, you couldn't wait to get your tickets to opening day at Citizens Bank Park, which you knew go on sale in the coming days.  No?  You weren't waiting with vigorous anticipation?  Well, for those of you who were, you can do what I did.  You can buy a Phillies 6 pack of tickets which allows you to purchase tickets to opening day, a Yankee or Red Sox game, as well as 4 other games of your choice.  You can do this right now, before the single game tickets go on sale.  Sure, the Phillies are suckering a few of you out there into purchasing tickets to games you otherwise wouldn't really want to attend just so you can get involved with the hoopla of opening day.  But for me, it was a no brainer.  The past two seasons I've attended roughly 20 Phillies games each year, so bucking up for 6 in order to go to my first ever opening day was like an early Chase Utley walk off homer.  The six games I chose include: opening day against St. Louis, a Red Sox saturday game, a Cinci game due to my childhood adoration of Junior, a Giants game in hopes of booing Barry, a random Dodger game, and the final home game of the season against the Fish.  Here's to hoping the game will will be more productive than just hearing EAGLES chants.

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