Sergei Bobrovsky Heading to Toronto...To See His Lady Friend

Sergei Bobrovsky Heading to Toronto...To See His Lady Friend
January 27, 2011, 1:31 pm
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Sergei Bobrovsky has decided to go five-hole on U.S. Customs. According to Dmitry Chesnokov, a Russian freelance hockey writer who contributes to Puck Daddy, Bob will be spending the All-Star break reuniting with his girlfriend in Toronto.

Chesnokov writes that Bob's special lady, I mean lady friend, was denied a visa to the U.S. So what's a 22 year old guy plying his trade in a foreign land supposed to do when things such as international immigration policy threaten his plan to spend quality time with his girlfreind? The only correct answer to that question is to hastily put together a mixtape for her and road trip.

This unbelievably amazing english translation of a Russian sports website provides both incredible comic relief and the photo accompanying this post, which features Bob and his girlfriend Olga. Who knew that Bob was so sensitive looking and into rocking plunging necklines? He looks like he's ready to bang out some poetry, right?

Regardless, if Bob leads the Flyers to the Stanley Cup I will spearhead a letter writing campaign to thank our neighbors to the north for providing safe harbor for Bob and Olga.

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