Shaun White Gold Medal Run

Shaun White Gold Medal Run
February 12, 2006, 9:28 pm
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I'm in the Olympic spirit and was happy to see Shaun White bring home the gold in Men's Half Pipe.  It would have been nice to see an American sweep though.  Perhaps the most annoying thing about the Olympics is already knowing who won by the time the video hits television.  You can't visit or any major news site without finding out the results as they happen.  We were watching the Apollo Ohno finals just waiting to see when he would fall, not fun people.  Yo, NBC, air some shit live even if you have to do it on MSNBC3.  And really, who cares about Michelle Kwan?

The New York Times has a nice piece on White, calling him an icon and the ultimate athlete.

I made these ads red in honor of the flying tomato.

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