Sheldon Brown Gets in the Holiday Spirit

Sheldon Brown Gets in the Holiday Spirit
February 26, 2006, 12:01 pm
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From the Inquirer:

Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown tuned in to Wired 96.5, whose morning host Chio
was doing his annual "Christmas Wish" campaign that helps parents who
are unable to provide Christmas for their families. One letter chosen
came from teacher Susan Furey on behalf of one of her students.
She had asked the 9-year-old what he wanted for Christmas, and he
replied: "Blankets, because the heater is broken and it's cold at
home." Brown invited the boy, his mother and stepsister to his weekly
Wired 96.5 "Outside the Huddle" appearance at Adelphia restaurant.
After the show, he surprised the family with new bikes, Eagles jerseys
and toys - plus blankets and portable heaters. "When you hear stories
like this, I realize how truly blessed I am to be doing what I'm doing
and no child should be asking for blankets for Christmas to keep warm,"
Brown told Chio.

Just wanted to point out that not all athletes are selfish and that many do a lot of good in the community.

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