Sheldon Brown Shops at Target

Sheldon Brown Shops at Target
February 14, 2005, 9:47 am
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Dana Pennett O'Neil does a really nice piece today on Sheldon Brown and how he is a down to earth guy who lives like the rest of us (except for the plasma in every room to go along with his 110 inch home theater, oh and the grill).

In post game interviews and any time you really get to hear Sheldon speak, he comes off as a genuine guy, the kind of guy Philly can appreciate.  He has his boys Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent's jerseys from their final game as an Eagle hanging in his house.

Daily News: Thrifty lifestyle with rich rewards:

As the Eagles still pick up the shrapnel from the fallout with their
former prima donna wide receiver who lived in his requisite $4 million
mansion and strutted like the peacock you've come to expect of men who
bring home paychecks the rest of us can't fathom, it's important to
remember that not everyone who pulls in an NFL salary lives like the
Sultan of Brunei and behaves like Paris Hilton.

Some, like Brown, are ordinary folks who just do extraordinary things on Sundays.

Make no mistake, Brown makes a very nice salary - he recently signed
a 6-year extension worth a reported $24 million - but the only time
you'll find him on the front lawn is when he's shooting baskets in his
driveway with neighborhood kids.

He lives quietly, another guy in another house on the block.

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