SI Jinx?

SI Jinx?
January 3, 2007, 7:37 am
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Yesterday, We posted about Jeff Garcia appearing on the cover of SI.  Personally, I don't believe in the SI cover Jinx.'s comment section analyzes the jinx and the big game.

To all the chest-pounding Giant's fans : Get real. You guys beat a
lousy 5-10 team last week, first win in how many weeks? And now you
think you're gonna roll thru Philly? If the cream is to rise to the
top, it won't be the Giants or the Eagles. Take 95 North until you
smell crap. There. You're home. Go Birds!

I liked his skills in giving directions.

Another poster named Happy Guy predicts the Eagles will put on a scoring display never before seen.

silly Giants fans, hard not to feel sorry for you. All that hope you
put in your team and they crap all over you, believe me, we can relate.
However, just when we are ready to call you brothers in arms, we are
reminded why we detest you when you break out your pompous, dare I say
elitist and rather nonsensical attitudes.

The fact is, you have a
quarterback that has an extra chromosome (come on, look at him), and is
missing the on-the-field decision making ability (not to mention raw
talent) of his brother, but as they share the same name you mighty blue
midget lovers seem to think that it's actually Peyton dressing up like
a smurf every Sunday. Tiki is a damn good running back (won't argue
that), Brandon jacobs is average at best. Either way, they are going to
be seeing a lot of behind-the-scrimmage-line real estate this week. If
Plexiglass Burress played an iota as well as he talks, pouts and/or
whines, he would be the best receiver to ever step on a field. Instead,
he's a tall bag of bones with decent hands and no heart. Shockey is
just a waste of oxygen.

Final score: Eagles 972, Giants -12

That's 138 Jeff Garcia TD passes and 2 David Akers field goals.

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