Sir Charles on Imus

Sir Charles on Imus
January 31, 2006, 4:30 am
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Charles Barkley was on 660 WFAN this morning chatting it up with Don Imus about racism, his book, and the lackluster NBA.  Charles has a best selling book which just went to paperback titled Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man which he had some help from PTI's Michael Wilbon in writing.  The book apparently focuses on racism and how Charles thinks it "is the biggest cancer of my lifetime"and it must be attacked.  Charles talked with Imus about how each chapter focuses on a conversation with prominent blacks in America from Barack Obama to Tiger Woods.  Both Imus and Charles gave Woods a nice ass kissing.  Charles puts a lot of the blame for the problems of black people on their own shoulders.  He says black on black crime and the lack of education is crippling to the advancement of blacks in America.  He emphasized better education and advised to stop having children which you can't economically provide for.

On the state of the NBA, he says it stinks, citing that kids coming out of high school never have time to develop the basketball skills needed to compete in the NBA.  In high school they physically dominate so much that they don't ever need to develop the basketball IQ.

Charles was very well spoken and one of the better athlete interviews I have ever heard.  Thankfully, Charles didn't mention any recent love scenes he has done with Kathy Bates nor did he try to convince Iman to do a sequel to Broke Back Mountain.

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