Sir Charles Speaks

Sir Charles Speaks
February 19, 2006, 10:04 am
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Found the quotes at Deadspin, things Charles Barkley said the past two nights at All Star weekend complete with a candid picture of Charles at some of the festivities.  Look for more pictures from All Star weekend tomorrow.  You have to love Charles:

“Hey Kevin, let me tell you somethin’. There are subliminal
messages, and there are real messages. Like if I hit somebody in the
head with a hammer, that’s a real message. When I offer you Altoids…”

Kevin Harlan:  “Here is Hakim Warrick, playing with the Grizzlies, from Syracuse University.”
Charles:  “I gotta call Jim Boeheim, they gotta get a weight room up there.”

“I told you, when I saw (Dirk Nowitzki) in Germany before he got to
the NBA, I told him, I’ll give you any amount of money you want to go
to Auburn.”

Reggie Miller:  “Gonzaga.  That’s my dark horse.  Gonzaga.”
:  “They ain’t that dark.”

“When you play for the Wizards, (Gilbert Arenas) is like Michael Jackson… he’s playin’ with a lot of Tito Jacksons.”

Kevin Harlan:  “(Andre Iguodala) had 9 dunks, and 4 threes.  He was on fire.”
:  “He wasn’t on fire, he was just excited he got to shoot in a game.”

“One thing (Nate Robinson)’s got goin’ in his favor, he can’t get
depressed. He plays for the Knicks. Trust me, nothing’s going to shock
him now. His emotions are as low as they can go.”

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