Sixer Lee Nailon Arrested

Sixer Lee Nailon Arrested

Sixer All Star Lee Nailon was arrested yesterday for apparently beating his wife:

"It has come to our attention that Lee Nailon has been arrested today
by Lower Merion police on allegations of a domestic incident," Sixers
president and general manager Billy King said in a statement released
before last night's game. "We have no further details. Until we are
able to learn all the facts, it would be inappropriate for us to

The radio this morning was reporting that Nailon hit his wife in the face.  She then locked herself in the bathroom and called the police.  When police showed up to Nailon's home, he claimed that his wife was not home.  Um, yo Lee, your wife called the cops from the bathroom; you must have the brains to go along with your basketball skills. 

Nailon has seen action in 22 games this season and is averaging 4.2 points per outing for the Sixers.

From a Daily News article today, apparently being in jail didn't stop Nailon from making an appearance at the game last night:

Here's one way things were different last night: The Sixers issued a
brief statement concerning Lee Nailon, who was charged yesterday in
Lower Merion with simple assault and harassment and was in custody
pending a hearing this morning. Nailon was listed as inactive for the
game, but at halftime was shown on a taped message on the arena screens
welcoming the crowd.

The Sixers ended up beating Sacramento 109-103.

There aren't enough Chooch pillows for every Philadelphian


There aren't enough Chooch pillows for every Philadelphian

Carlos Ruiz has been traded to the Dodgers and it is sad.

Not in the sense that it's a move that remotely affects anything about the current state of the Phillies. It's sad simply because Chooch -- lovable and awesome and wonderful Chooch -- is no longer a Phillie.

Chooch will be remembered for catching Roy Halladay's perfect game and no hitter and that little dribbler down the line in Game 3 of the 2008 World Series. And, of course, dropping to his knees in celebration with Brad Lidge making them World Effin Champions.

But mostly he'll just be missed. What a guy to have aroud for so long.

Roy knows how hard it is not to have him around. I guess Chase won't need his any longer since the two will be reunined with one last chance of glory in L.A.

Phillies trade Carlos Ruiz to Dodgers

Phillies trade Carlos Ruiz to Dodgers

Jimmy Rollins. Then Chase Utley. Now Carlos Ruiz.

Thursday closed another chapter of the Phillies' golden era.

Ruiz, the Phillies' catcher since 2006, has been traded to the Dodgers (along with cash) for catcher A.J. Ellis, right-hander Tommy Bergjans and a player to be named later.

Rollins was dealt to the Dodgers in December 2014. Utley, still with Los Angeles, was traded to the Dodgers in August 2015.

Ryan Howard is now the lone leftover from the Phillies' 2008 world champion club.

(More coming...)

Philly Mayor goes to bat for Eagles fans, cheesesteaks against John Oliver

HBO's Last Week Tonight

Philly Mayor goes to bat for Eagles fans, cheesesteaks against John Oliver

Charter schools. They're complicated!

After watching John Oliver's segment on them over the weekend, you'd agree there is plenty of nuance involved in the charter school debate. But also that some of them are dirty as all get out. An underground nightclub at a SCHOOL? Jeez. That can't be okay anywhere.

It's a solid segment. But it also took a couple of unneeded digs at the city of Philadelphia, its cuisine, and its sports fans.

That irked the Mayor of Philadelphia and he fought back today on Twitter.

"Agree on charter oversight but English soccer fan who eats fish from newsprint can't judge Eagles fans, cheesesteaks," Jim Kenney tweeted.

Take that you fish-eating Brit!

You can also watch the entire John Oliver segment from Last Week Tonight below.