Sixers Facing Iverson in Denver a Must Watch

Sixers Facing Iverson in Denver a Must Watch
January 1, 2007, 10:38 pm
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The Sixers have been fairing okay without Allen Iverson.  That is to say they haven't lost 11 in a row.  Tonight the Sixers will share the court with Iverson, but they no longer have to share the ball.  Philly fans surely won't be extremely concerned with whether the Sixers win against their former franchise player, but rather how Iverson and his former team treat each other.  Joe Juliano points out that Mo and Allen haven't spoken since that fateful day Cheeks sent The Answer home from practice for the final time.  So Mo, will you talk to Iverson?

"I'll see how it goes," Cheeks said yesterday. "If I see him, I'll reach out."

To say that it will be odd for Cheeks and the Sixers - not to
mention people watching on television in the Philadelphia area - to see
Iverson in another uniform is an understatement. Even Cheeks agrees.

"Very obviously, it's going to be different," the coach said.

If you see him?  I'm pretty sure you're playing the Nuggets -- you're going to see him.  It's well documented that Cheeks is a class guy and that Iverson took advantage of his nice guy demeanor.  Let's hope Mo can win the battle on the court tonight.  Cheeks goes on to say the way his relationship ended with the former star player was "unfortunate."

This is the first Sixers game in quite a while you may not want to miss.  9:00 start time on Comcast.

In other Sixers news, Kyle Korver is slightly upset about no longer getting to play with synthetic balls.

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