Sixers Globe Trot; Rodney Carney Blogs It

Sixers Globe Trot; Rodney Carney Blogs It
December 10, 2005, 4:24 am
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With the Birds on a role, I know you were all dying for some Sixers action.  In case you weren't aware, A.I. and company were in Spain last week and lost to Winterthur FC Barcelona of the

Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto... that's Spanish for basketball league.  The Sixers lost to a European team.  Shouldn't be surprising, really.

Somebody at the NBA decided to give a blog to Sixers promising rookie Rodney Carney.  For the record, Rodney can probably play the game of basketball better than I'll ever be able to do anything, but the guy shouldn't have a blog.  Rodney talks about the Sixers game in Cologne, Germany against the Suns which is today:

After our day off, we had a nice little practice yesterday. We got
some running in, worked on some pick-and-roll defense and got some
shots in before we got on the plane.

I thought it was gonna be a better plane, but it was like a
regular plane. I was saying we should be on something better. But it
was cool. We had a nice plane ride and got to Germany.

The hotel looked like some kind of fortress. It's better than that hotel that we were at in Barcelona.

After we got there, we went to Champps to watch the game. The
game was real live. It went back and forth. We got a lot of Philly fans
and a lot of Dallas fans on our team, so every play was excrutiating.
There was a bunch of yelling going on. So, it was funny to me, because
I'm a Colts fan. Indianapolis could beat both Dallas and Philly.

I'm excited to play against the Suns. They run and I want to
see what everbody's talking about. Everybody's like, "It's hard to play
them." I'm ready to get the rebound and just toss it up and run. I want
to get out there and feel it.

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