Sixers Rooks Can Sing

Sixers Rooks Can Sing
December 16, 2005, 4:14 am
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-Those Sixers rookies have some rhythm, except for Louis Williams of course. [The Basketball Jones]
-A Citizen's Blog is doing a 16 (Yes, 16!) part series taking a look at the Whiz Kids. [Citizen's Blog Pt I, Pt II]
-The Eagles didn't play too well yesterday [Fanhouse]
-The Eagles are so money(ball). [BS&S]
-A fun piece by The Sports Guy in which he gets to play Tiger Woods in a game of.. Tiger Woods.  I thought this gave an awesome look at what a competitor and intimidator Tiger can be. [ESPN Page2]
-The University of Miami is a horrible institution.  No wonder Howard Eskin is a fan.  Video of the brawl that took place on Saturday. [Fanhouse]
-Rock mecca CBGB closed last night. [NYTimes]
-A movie I saw over the weekend which I thought was awesome: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.  The song in the trailer is 'New York Groove' by Kiss. [NYTimes Review & YouTube Trailer]

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