Sixers Steffin' It Up

Sixers Steffin' It Up
February 11, 2007, 4:21 am
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In case you haven't been watching (and judging by the attendance, you haven't!), the Sixers have won three in a row and lost only once since Ed Stefanski took over as President and GM. The team had not previously won back-to-back games this season. True, two of the wins came against the mess that is the Knicks, but we haven't seen a quick turnaround like this since Charlie Donovan told Lou Brown that Rachel Phelps was trying to tank the season. Could the Stefanski presence have anything to do with the outcomes of games this soon into his tenure? It's possible—the fear of being moved or canned can't be overlooked as a motivating factor.

Andre Miller, immediately tabbed as tradebait as soon as word of the King firing came down, has upped his game tremendously over these four games. In the 17 games leading up to this stretch, Miller didn't put up double-digit assists once, and now he's done it four times in a row. Mo Cheeks has to be feeling the heat, and if his players want him to stay in Philly, they know they need to start winning.

For all the fans who wanted to see the Sixers lose (or read about it, we know you're not watching) and get that high draft pick, we may be in for another 10th place, upper-mid-1st pick... Or ya know this could all be a flash in the pan and they could be the horse to the Knicks' reverse cowgirl in a few weeks.

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