Soul Win Arena Bowl!

Soul Win Arena Bowl!
July 27, 2008, 2:09 pm
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Congratulations to the Philadelphia Soul who defeated the San Jose Sabercats to win their first Arena Bowl Championship today by a score of 59-56.

We didn't watch any of the game and generally feel that interest levels in the AFL are pretty low in the city. But we're happy for Jaws and Bon Jovi who both put a ton of effort into the team which seems like a classy organization. We're certainly happy for the Soul and their fans. As far as Philadelphia sports achievements go this probably ranks
somewhere above a Wings lax championship and below St. Joe's making it
to the elite eight a few years back. What do you think?

And hey, free Bon Jovi concert, right?

Updated with video highlights below:

And a video of Jon Bon Jovi celebrating here:

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