Source: Shooting Outside of Michael Vick's Birthday Party in VA Beach

Source: Shooting Outside of Michael Vick's Birthday Party in VA Beach
June 25, 2010, 7:51 am
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Tim Tebow has not played in the NFL since 2012, when he was a backup quarterback for the New York Jets. (USA Today Images)

WKTR in Virginia Beach is reporting that a shooting occurred outside of a birthday party for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, "Several people who attended the party say that the non-fatal shooting
outside Guadalajara, in the 4600 block of Columbus Street in the Town
Center of Virginia Beach, occurred at one of a handful of birthday
celebrations for Vick last night."

Details on the shooting remain very sketchy, and the WKTR source doesn't even seem 100% sure that it took place at a Vick birthday party. But one thing is clear, PFT's Mike Florio used the opportunity to write one of the most awful lines I've ever seen involving a shooting.

Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who remains on federal probation following
a two-year prison term for dogfighting, celebrated his 30th birthday
with a party at a Virginia Beach club.  And, apparently, one of the
games was pin the tail on the donkey. 

With bullets.

Paging Amy Poehler. Really, Florio? Really?

We'll wait for more details to emerge before we analyze any further, but the simple fact Vick's name is anywhere near a shooting is not a good sign.

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