Sports Guy is scared

Sports Guy is scared
January 31, 2005, 1:50 pm
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Max from around the horn thinks Super 5 may be a better QB than Mr. Brady. (windows media/fox)  Lots of videos through that link, including Donovan talking in Jax and Tom Arnold ripping on FredEx.

The sports guy knows better than most New England fans, he fears the Eagles.  Is there such a thing as a New Englander who cares more about the Patriots than the Red Sox?  You try to talk about Eagles fans and Patriots fans and they bring up the Yankees?  Prolly too much chowdah.

Link: Page 2 - Jacksonville, little city that could. Sports Guy:

4. I hung out with some Philly fans and even enjoyed their company. Despite my obvious bias toward the Pats, I have always liked Philly fans -- no other fan base has brought us more comedy, charisma and general anguish over the past 25 years. Six years ago, I wrote a column for my old Web site about the "20 Worst Sports Cities in America" and made Philly No. 1, listing the obvious reasons -- they booed Mike Schmidt, they're always unhappy, they seem to thrive on things going wrong, and so on. Then I braced for the inevitable deluge of angry e-mails from Philly fans ... which never came. If anything, they agreed with me. You have to love a fan base that admits they're miserable. In fact, if I was forced to choose any NFL franchise to take down the budding Pats dynasty -- I'm not saying I'd be happy about it, but if I had to choose -- I'd pick the Jets first and the Eagles second. (Just thinking about this makes me nervous. Forget I mentioned this.)

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