Stallworth on Eskin

Stallworth on Eskin
January 17, 2006, 1:16 pm
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Donte Stallworth was a guest on WIP's Howard Eskin show this evening for well over an hour.  Donte comes off as a very bright, open, and interesting guy.  Perhaps the funniest part of the appearance was Stallworth's constant references to Madden.  Donte told Eskin that he traded himself to the Eagles three years ago in the video game.  Any NFL player who trades himself to the Eagles in the virtual world of Madden is alright in my book.

Stallworth made the Eagles organization out to be an amazing company to be a part of and expressed his hopes of extending his career in Philadelphia.  Stallworth hasn't found a home yet in Philly and still lives out of a hotel.  He noted that he talked to Terrell Owens after he was traded to the Eagles from New Orleans and T.O. had nothing negative to say about the Birds.

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