Steve Odabashian is Andy Reid

Steve Odabashian is Andy Reid
December 31, 2006, 5:00 am
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You see the Andy Reid impersonator in the photo posted this morning?  We'd always assumed the guy was a tool, akin to the likes of Sean the pad wearing, screaming fan of Dirty Thirty fame.  Turns out the Philadelphia Weekly did a cover story on the Big Red clone this week.  You can read it here and judge for yourself.  I'm not really sure what the guy's deal is.  He doesn't really look anything at all like Andy Reid except it looks like he enjoys a good cheesesteak and puts on a fake mustache and headset.

He is however a quirky guy, something we can appreciate.  In regards to his college application:

“The application was a complete joke,” he remembers. “In the last section, which asked
               if there was anything else I wanted to add, I wrote, ‘I do not like to read. My favorite
               movies are History of the World Part I and Revenge of the
. I enjoy backgammon.’ When I got waitlisted, I wrote the letter asking
               them to still consider me in green ink.

Now that's dedication.  What are all of your thoughts on the fake Andy Reid?

>>Headset of the Class [PW]

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