Sunday Miller Notes on Phillies

Sunday Miller Notes on Phillies
January 5, 2006, 12:00 pm
Share This Post's Randy Miller has become a Phillies fan favorite with his solid insight in his articles.  Today he has 10 hot stove questions to ponder.  Some points I found interesting.

  • A source says Soriano doesn't care where he plays
    and has given Bentz total control over negotiations. Look for Bentz,
    who is seeking a seven-year, $119-million deal, to try to squeeze every
    last penny out of the Phils, New York Mets or whomever else gets
  • For now, they're willing to eat half of the $27
    million remaining on Burrell's contract, which runs through 2008. That
    figure could go up.

Miller's article is full of nuggets like this, just go read the whole thing.  It's a little sad that a guy like Soriano doesn't care at all in which city he plays the prime of his career.  It's all about the cash.  I was also a bit surprised to see the Phillies are willing to cover half of Burrell's remaining contract.  That's a bit of change to throw at some team just to rid us of Pat caught looking.  Miller also continues the idea that Gillick is real big on Soriano and would likely be willing to move Rowand for some pen help if Soriano ends up here.

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