Superbowl Ads and Playboy Bunnies

Superbowl Ads and Playboy Bunnies
February 8, 2005, 7:29 am
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You can watch most of the Superbowl ads on MSN Video including the comercial which was a nice one.  They also have the Ameriquest mortgage comercial with the cat which I thought was really funny.  When you click on the link just type in "godaddy" or "ameriquest" in the search box, or navigate around a little bit, its not rocket science.

If you are wondering about the Superbowl Parties, ESPN Page 2 does a comparison of The Playboy party and the Maxim party.  There were also parties hosted by Sports Illustrated as well as P.Diddy who had his own Diet Pepsi commercial.

Maybe we can all go to Detriot next year and hang out with these people.

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