Support Villanova: Buy or Sell?

Support Villanova: Buy or Sell?
February 28, 2006, 1:45 am
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When Jameer Nelson, Delonte West, and Phil Martelli lead St. Joes into the NCAA tournament a few years back as a number one seed it seemed to me that all of Philadelphia was pulling for them.  This year, Villanova, baring a collapse in the Big East Tournament, will be a number one seed as well, but do they have the support of Philadelphia?  With the news that Allen Ray's knee injury isn't much too worry about, Villanova is one of the elite teams in college basketball with a legit chance to win 6 straight games in March.

I really can't get a feel for the vibe from Philadelphians regarding Villanova.  Will the hoopla behind them build as the tournament approaches?  Will the haters simply hate because 'Nova hails from the stuffy Main Line, not truly a part of Philadelphia?  St. Joe's was an easy decision for most: a small Philly school with the local boy turned NCAA player of the year lead by the gritty Martelli.

I guess what I'm getting at is who is really excited for Villanova?  Anyone who isn't a current student or alum?  I will likely pull for them, but I have no strong feelings either way.  Any SJU or TU alums out there who hope 'Nova loses in the first round?


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