Terrell Owens All Week Long

Terrell Owens All Week Long
December 29, 2006, 10:32 am
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There's a gigantic match up on Sunday night at the Linc.  In strolls Terrell Owens and the 6-1 Dallas Cowboys to face the embattled 3-4 Eagles.  It doesn't quite have the same impact as Owens last trip to the Linc, that game was hyped to no end.  Plus, he was recovering from a drug overdose.  The war of words Terrell sent Donovan McNabb's way has settled down and it was even reported that they hugged it out in Miami.  And let's not forget the fact that the Cowboys are a fairly good football team.  That makes trash talking a tad bit tougher.

We're a bit surprised that we haven't heard anything out of Mr. Owens yet this week.  Hopefully he will post a note soon.

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