Terrell Owens on Eskin

Terrell Owens on Eskin
February 8, 2007, 3:41 am
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On a slow news day, except for Andy's other son Garrett looking at a few misdemeanors, WIP provides us with a podcast of Howard Eskin's call with Terrell Owens yesterday.  Why would Owens accept a call from WIP?  It baffles me, unless of course they pay the man to talk to Eskin.

More from Philadelphia Will Do:

The two discuss their meeting at the Super Bowl -- where T.O. called Eskin a jerk -- like third graders. Owens accuses Eskin of lying. Owens says he didn't make a snide remark about Bill Parcells. T.O. blames the media. Eskin accuses Owens of being mad about Eskin's canned food drive (which was done for T.O., har har!), which leads Owens to say a sentence never uttered before in English: "Who told you I was mad about your canned food drive?" Eskin also offers the lamest bet in history, saying he'll congratulate Owens if he's on the Cowboys roster next year.

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