Terrell Owens Sleepy Time

Terrell Owens Sleepy Time
January 6, 2006, 4:01 am
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The Eagles had a much needed bye this week and I watched as little football as possible to take a step back from the sorry season to this point.  What I did see of the Dallas/Washington game was quite enjoyable.  Terrell Owens caught a TD pass and proceeded to take a nap with the ball -- a move surely in response to recent proven reports that he sleeps through team meetings.  Well after this little celebration, Owens was flagged.  The Big Tuna wasn't too thrilled on the sidelines and Owens became quite animated.

  • T.O. blames disorder for mid-meeting naps [Fox]
  • T.O. scores, takes a nap [Fanhouse]
  • Picture via MickSports where Texas Mick had this to say, "While I appreciate the 7 catches, the 76 yards, and the one touchdown
    today, the harm that Terrell Owens has done to this team is paramount.
    The Cowboys have one gigantic problem in their first eight games: Discipline. In my humble opinion, it all falls on T.O." The simple joys of an Eagles bye week. [MickSports]

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