Terrell Owens Thinks People Love Him

Terrell Owens Thinks People Love Him
December 28, 2004, 12:24 pm
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Terrell Owens thinks people loved his most recent TD celebration (serving the Chargers).  I thought it was decent, but maybe people do in fact love him?  I probably love him in a sick and twisted kind of way.  I love the fact that he is scoring TDs for the Eagles.  I loved when he stood on the star in Dallas last year.  We love him and we hate him.

On his weekly radio show today, when asked "Do you anticipate being in Philly next year?," T.O. responded with a simple "No Comment."

He noted he was a little upset that the Eagles organization didn't give any sort of recognition when he caught his 100th career touchdown last week.

Nothing out of the ordinary from T.O. today.

Random awesome T.O. fact: Terrell's model girlfriend and rumored fiance is named Felisha Terrell which means when they do in fact marry, her name will become Felisha Terrell Owens.

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