That Is One Big Ass Fish

That Is One Big Ass Fish
March 15, 2006, 4:41 pm
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Rumor has it, this is the smaller of two sailfish caught on a fly rod off the coast of Costa Rica this past week.  The larger one could would have likely been a world record, but there was some debate about whether to gaff the larger beast.  My understanding is that the fish pictured was released and swam away to fight another day.  The battle lasted approximately 3.5 hours and the fish made the boat chase it for roughly 8 miles.

All on a fly rod.

That Costa Rican looking guy to the right also happens to be my brother.  I was going to join them on their trip to Costa Rica, but I though it'd be much nicer to spend the week in icy Chicago.

That's a nice fish.

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