The Anatomy of a Technical Foul (feat. Allen Iverson and Larry Brown)

The Anatomy of a Technical Foul (feat. Allen Iverson and Larry Brown)
March 15, 2011, 11:13 am
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After watching the final moments of last night's Sixers loss, in which Andre Iguodala failed to hit a game-winner at the end of regulation, I yearned a bit for the days of Allen Iverson having the ball in his hands while his team needed one big bucket. I'm not sure if my memory of A.I.'s ability to hit a big shot has been clouded with time, so I spent a while scouring over YouTube clips to find some clutch shots from Bubba Chuck's days in Philly. But, as most trips to YouTube go, I wound up watching videos entirely unrelated to what I was looking for, yet entirely entertaining in their own right.

The first was a clip featuring sideline conversations between Allen Iverson and a referee shortly after A.I. got called for a technical. In some strange twist, the ref cites Iverson "bringing the crowd down." Like, the actual crowd in the arena. What??? Not sure what they have to do with the play on the court.

That's followed up by Larry Brown going at it with the same ref and subsequently getting a technical of his own, for what, I'm not sure.

I love how, years later, without even having any idea as to the context of these conversations, I still think the ref is in the wrong.

So then I continued to search for Allen Iverson videos in which he goes at it with referees and came upon this gem.

Clearly the best part of this video is the audible chants from the fans. Philly love.

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