The End of an Era: So Long, Pat the Bat

The End of an Era: So Long, Pat the Bat
February 12, 2008, 5:32 am
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By all accounts, the looming signing of Raul Ibanez means the Pat Burrell era has come to a close in Philadelphia. It was most definitely a rocky decade for Pat in Philly but it couldn't have ended on a higher note. Commenter Pete D. nailed it:

Goodbye Pat - you understood us better than almost any player whoever
played here, and we know you played hard even though you flirted with
the mendoza line quite a bit. Will always remember you on the
clydesdales leading the parade on what was one of the greatest days of
my life.

Ibanez is not the kind of guy who gets you super excited just hearing his name associated with the Phillies but he has put up solid numbers and could fit in well with this team. When you compare him with the guy he's replacing, it's tough to get excited about him in December. I'll save my judgment until we see what he does in a Phillies uniform and plays in that part of left field that we've only known as Pat Burrell territory.

We'll remember the long, striding swing that often missed fastballs but we'll also remember the times when he connected and put a hurt on the ball. We'll remember the left field fans heckling him with no abandon and we'll remember the loud ovations when he knocked in a few RBIs. We'll remember the times he'd be chugging around third to home in seemingly slow motion and the late inning defensive replacements. We'll remember his last ever at bat with the Phils where a few inches kept him from a glorious World Series home run. But mostly, I think we'll all remember him for that smile and wave from high above the Budweiser Clydesdale down Broad Street on that most perfect Halloween ever.

What will you remember most about number 5?

So long, Pat. It was a love-hate relationship between you and Philadelphia. Thankfully, we'll remember the good times the most. You ended your career here as a World Fucking Champion.

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