The Mac Doctors Fixeth

The Mac Doctors Fixeth
February 17, 2009, 5:30 am
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The kind souls at the Mac Store installed a new hard drive and I'm back in the basement ready to go. Two lessons learned: 1. Time Machine for the Mac is simply one of the greatest things ever. It's like I didn't miss a beat with the new hard drive and clean OS install. Amazing. 2. Apparently, it's very unwise to carry a laptop around while running multiple applications. Something about a pin on a spinning hard drive. Don't do it.

Phillies in DC: A quick update on the Phillies first April series in D.C. We've got a 50 ticket allotment for both the Monday (Nats' home opener) and the Thursday games. We'll have a link where you'll be able to purchase tickets directly through MLB and it'll put you in our section. We should have that link ready to go early next week. They will be $20 and $18, respectively. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Also of note, if more than 50 people end up wanting to go per game, there will be more tickets made available, but you may have to sit in the section over or something. We'll do our best. We all know you want to sit next to Will.H.

Finally, this past weekend's All Star festivities got me nostalgic for a little bit of the good Doctor:

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