The Mustache Ride Is Over

The Mustache Ride Is Over
June 14, 2007, 8:03 am
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In a shocking end to the brilliant run of one of the greatest catchers of the past decade, Sal Fasano's career went black on Wednesday.  Fans of the 'stache don't have any idea what will happen next.  Will he be back in the bigs in a week?  Was his career whacked, never to show fans his manly 'stache ever again?  Or worst case scenario, could Sal end up playing in the New Hampshire League eating "Johnny Cakes"?  It's all a big mystery to the loyal group known as Sal's Pal's who have been following closely along with every move the catcher made.

One loyal member of Sal's Pals who has been following along since the early years was rather upset.  Ralph from 10th and Tasker wanted more, "That's no way for one of the all time greats to go out.  I don't even know what to think.  I'm canceling my MLB package for sure."

Many fans will remember the early days, but it was the Philadelphia season and his trip up to the New York crew that will forever cement Sal Fasano among the all time greats.

Wherever you may land, Sal, we'll always remember the good times.  Some will win, some will lose.  Some were born to sing the blues.  And some were born with glorious mustaches.  Thanks, Sal.

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