The Rain Gods Like Us Better

The Rain Gods Like Us Better
December 2, 2006, 6:00 am
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It's Trash Talk Tuesday here at the Level, Phillies Postseason Style... Our target? The Colorado Rockies, the Phillies' opening round opponent. You may remember the Rockies from such well-documented moments as the time they ran and hid while the Phillies played the hero's role at Colorado. We saw who the men were then, and we'll see it again. 14 wins in 15 games? Yeah they better hope it doesn't rain and melt their pretty purple uniforms.

The floor is yours, Philly fans...
Possible topics:
•Holliday needed extra innings and an extra game to beat Howard's RBI total.
•He was out.
•The dirty Mets cheated and still lost (yes, they're still open game)

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