The Sea Was Angry..

The Sea Was Angry..
January 5, 2005, 6:49 am
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Winds were out of the South Southwest with  tides running at near normal levels and water clarity was crystal clear to moderately cloudy. The bluefish blitzes have all but ended but the rip that sets up by the buried jetty near Nagoog Point has been holding 9" sand eels and giant bass for the last three days.  Like old times throwing needles at them just before sunset and watching them bust all over the top.

At about half past 10:00 am on the 5th of November, the greatest plug tosser in all of Ocean County captured this amazing fish with his bare hands.  FishinWill, a legend among master baiters up and down the eastern seaboard, spoke to the ocean this fine day and it was no longer angry.

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