The Sixers Beat the Spurs (In Less Than 140 Characters)

The Sixers Beat the Spurs (In Less Than 140 Characters)
February 19, 2010, 4:53 pm
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The Sixers defeated the Spurs this evening at the Wachovia Center. I missed the game, but the fine people of Twitter kindly recapped for me. Some of the best responses.

Sixers suck, halftime, Dalembert ejected, Spurs suck, MEEKS! -@fuckthemets

Acquisition of Jodie Meeks pays immediate dividends as his presence inspires the Sixers to beat San Antonio yet again. @KrazyCeltic

Iverson didn't get many min in 2nd half, Sixers youth ran road-weary/aging Spurs out of town in the 4th qtr. Good D, passing. @Kulp700Level

Lou Williams won. Iverson lost. Sami got sent to the showers early. The end. @ArenaMJ

while the sixers screw up their lottery chances, sammy d gets thrown out and lou-will has the best quarter of his life. WIN. @dmc0603

jodie meeks is a catalyst for change whether he plays or not. -@Seemedaggie

Undefeated with Francisco Elson on the roster - @jdjigga4885

Richard Jefferson blows. There. @igglephile

Willie Green doesn't play, Sixers win...I'm just saying. @dsabelson

ROY HALLADAY (my official entry) -@kevinrmcguire

R.I.P we kilt that -@TeamLou23

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